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How to begin your wealth creation journey

With the recent happenings in the economy almost everyone is trying to create their own wealth and become financially independent.

Wealth creation is ultimately the process of creating and building a stable source of sustenance so that one would not have to struggle to make ends meet. 

Wealth creation is also the process of investing in different asset classes where investments will help in fulfilling key needs. In other words, one can live with aspiration. 

The truth is, wealth creation is hard work. It involves physical, mental and emotional work.

An individual’s smart and rational financial decisions determine the value of wealth that he or she can create.

Most people are geared towards wealth creation; Planning for a safe and secure livelihood in the future is what wealth creation is all about. This is why people work hard to save as well as invest in the potential field that can guarantee them huge profits which translate into wealth. However, wealth doesn’t come from a single attempt to save or invest, wealth creation is a process.

The wealth creation process will be most effective if it is started early. Starting investments during the early stages of life will give a head start for achieving goals. It also helps in generating higher growth in the long term. This is due to the power of compounding. 

Power of compounding is a concept that will help in building considerable corpus in the future. The concept of compounding revolves around reinvesting the returns back into the fund to earn higher growth. 

Therefore, the longer one stays invested, the higher will be the gain in wealth. 

Everything in life works based on principles and wealth creation has its own principles too. You need to design your wealth plan based on proven business principles that lead to success. 

These principles include competitive advantage, leverage, accurate record keeping, accountability etc. Before you embark on your wealth creation journey, you have to understand these principles and if you have started and are doing it the wrong way, it’s time to re-strategize and play your game right.

To maintain control of your financial future, these are five fundamental wealth creation strategies:

Start a long-term wealth creation plan as early as early as possible.

Have a budget, and save more than you spend.

Don’t take on too much debt.

Get rich slowly, your investments should neither excite you nor make you unduly nervous.

Always have 3-4 months’ worth of salary saved for emergencies.

It is important to realize that wealth grows and can even start from the simplest to the greatest measurable quantity. Starting investment early will help in creating wealth in the long term, short term investment will not always create wealth. Careless management of accrued wealth can lead to the gradual loss of wealth. Wealth grows, but it depends on how it is managed.

On a final note I’ll say stop procrastinating your wealth creation journey. We begin a new year in few days. There’s no better time to begin than now.

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Last updated 5 months ago