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What is CassavaCash?

CassavaCash (trading as CassavaTech Limited: BN2491756) is an alternative agri-investment company focused on maximizing the opportunities in the CASSAVA Value-Chain. We actively engage in the production, processing, trading and distribution, marketing, stem propagation processing, farm setup and maintenance and agri-consultancy services.

How credible is CassavaCash?

CassavaCash is a highly credible organisation that can be trusted. We have our trading company registered as CassavaTech Limited with the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) and insured by Leadway Assurance. Testimonies of our investors are also available on the site. A trial will convince you.

How do you work at CassavaCash?

At CassavaCash, we work across the streams UPSTREAM(Farming), MID-STREAM(Processing) and DOWNSTREAM(Trading) activities of CASSAVA…i.e. we operate across maximizing the value-chain opportunities of farming to processing, trading and distribution, farm setup and maintenance.

How much is a unit of investment?

A unit of our investment plan varies. It ranges from N5,000 – N10,000. You can decide the number of units you want to subscribe to.

How do I make payment?

Payment can be made via the following channels on our website a: Debit Card b: Bank Transfer/Bank Deposit.

Where are your farms, processing and sales centres?

We are currently working with farmers and processors across Oyo, Ogun and Osun states whilst our market is both in the country and abroad. We sell to factories, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

How many offices/branches does CassavaCash have?

Presently our office is in Lagos. However, we are a 100% digital compliant brand. Thus, we are just a click away. You can reach us via our social media platforms Facebook: @cassavacash Instagram: @cassavacash Twitter: @cassavacash WhatsApp: +2348086381850 or +2347086664904 or Mail: info@cassavacash.com

Where is your office located?

Our office is located at number 4 Ayanboye Street Off Faramobi Ajoke Street, Anthony Village, Lagos

What is the duration of investment cycles?

All our available investment plans have their investment cycles which ranges between 6 weeks to 10 months. Your selected investment plan determines when your investment matures.

Can I withdraw funds before maturity?

No, you cannot. However, in extreme cases (death), your next of kin will be paid your full invested funds and returns at the end of investment cycle.

At investment maturity, how do I get my funds back?

At maturity, your invested funds plus its accrued profit is paid back to your local bank account. At this point you can either choose to reinvest or keep your funds happily to yourself.

How secured is my invested fund?

All our investment plans have comprehensive insurance cover to mitigate all risks. Your partnership with us is secured. We have a relationship with Leadway Assurance Plc. Our Insurance Policy Number is FP200000294IL